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Cady's Tavern
Chepachet, Rhode Island

____________________October, 2009____________________

Cady's Tavern has been a main stop on Route 44 for centuries. Hezekiah Cady established "Cady Stand" in 1810 after being granted a liquor licence from 1810 to 1845. The original tavern was across the street but was replaced in 1926 due to a fire. The establishment then moved to the present location which is a converted barn.

All historic places have their ghosts and Cady's is no exception. The new owners have meticulously cleaned and renovated the tavern into a great place to stop for a drink or eat. They have live music on weekends as well. Arlene and I , accompanied by Vickie julian and Eric Hughes were given the run of the place on a Sunday morning before the lunch crowd would arrive. This would also coincide with the time when the rooms might be full of travelers having breakfast and getting ready for the next leg of their stage run.

We began in the main room downstairs, a spacious and welcoming area. They had experienced a few unusual things such as signs unscrewing themselves from the wall and falling to the floor. Strange noises have also been heard. Old buildings have a lot of them but these are more ethereal in manner.

We did not capture any significant EMF readings. The wiring was good and well insulated according to our meters. Eric tried to roll a coin down the floor to see if something would roll it back but after several tries, we got no response. We recorded EVPs but got no answers.

The kitchen is another place where items seem to move about with unseen hands. This is very common in places where people of the past still reside. many of them cooked for their guests and probably still feel the need to help out in the kitchen. We set up a camera but no one wanted to show themselves that morning in the shiny, clean kitchen. perhaps we were too late for breakfast.

We headed upstairs to the lounge, a quaint private room where guests can go to sit on plush antiques couches and chairs while enjoying the atmosphere of the historic building. On the other side of one door is the old ballroom. This door has a tendency to unlatch itself and swing wide open. The latch is a lift latch and is tightly secured in place. We tried to find ways it may have opened on its own but there was no way it couild have shaken open or popped open. The latch was very secure in its place when closed.

We recorded EVPs there as well and got an answer to one of the questions. Arlene aked , "Are you here by yourself?" The answer is audible but hard to understand. We promted whoever it was to open the door but no one was going to give us a show yet.

In the ballroom was where we got some interesting EVPs.
One question I asked was when they turned the building into a tavern. We got an answer, "1810." Arlene asked if they had a spouse and got "No" for an answer. When asked if they liked the new owners, there was one word, "Much."
I asked if the spirit or spirits could open the door and there was some answer and giggling on the recorder. The ballroom was in the process of renovation at the time.

After a while upstairs, we headed back down where we held one more vigil in the main room then went out to the original site across the street. We did a quick investigation there before heading home to review the evidence.

All in all, Cady's does have some spirits lingering about but they are friendly and harmless. Perhaps a bit prankish at times but the place was warm, welcoming, and we felt very comfortable there.

We are not sure who the spirits are, they could be family members of the past or even a former guest or two. We do know that it is a nice place to visit and we will be going back, this time for some food and perhaps a spirit or two.

EVP Evidence
EVP 1 - Cady's Ballroom -1810
EVP 2 - In Ballroom, "Do you like the new owners?" Response sounds like, "Much."
EVP 3 - "Do you have a spouse?" Response sounds like, "No."
EVP 4 - In Ballroom, "Can you make the door move?" Response is a whisper and then giggling.
EVP 5 - Lounge - "Are you here by yourself?" Response is unclear of what's said.

Photos of
Cady's Tavern
Cady's Tavern
Sign at the front door tells a quick history of the tavern.
Site of original tavern across the street.
Door between lounge and ballroom that unlatches and opens on its own.

Video Evidence
No video evidence was captured