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Eastover Resort & Tally-Ho
Lenox, Massachusetts

____________________March, 2009____________________

Arlene and I were accompanied by fellow member, Kevin Fay. It was actually a paranormal weekend to see if the stories of the Eastover held any truth to them. 24 other people from all over the country joined us for two days of investigating every building in the resort.

The main building, the summer home, seemed to be active with a few spirits, mainly that of a little boy. Various members of the group kept going back to the top floor where they claimed to have experienced paranormal phenomena of some sort from phantom footsteps behind them to voices coming out of nowhere.

Tally-Ho, the stables-turned-dance hall, had the spirit of someone who hung close to the stage. Upstairs where the stable hands quarters were, footsteps were heard and Ryan, a staff memeber of the Eastover and avid paranormal investigator caught an orb on film. We did capture some EVPs in the various buildings. The evidence can be seen and heard in the archives section of this site. It was a good weekend and we do believe the Eastover is haunted by spirits who dearly loved the place, as they are quite harmless.

EVP Evidence
EVP 1 - "Is there a presence in this room?" Response sounds like a little boy.
EVP 2 - "Can you show us a sign?" Response sounds like, "No Knock."
EVP 3 - Ryan's EVP in Tally-Ho, can hear a voice in background.

Photos of
Eastover & Tally-Ho
Tally-Ho dance hall where presence of a man was felt and heard.
The Eastover Resort main mansion.

Video Evidence
No video evidence was captured